Shannell Talks Working On Wayne’s Rebirth

Shannell Talks Working On Wayne’s Rebirth

     The new singer for Lil Wayne's Young Money label, Shannell (also known as SNL), recently talked about working on Weezy's new "Rebirth" album. First denying that she is romantically inolved with Lil  Wayne, Shannell goes on to talk about many tracks she is featured on from the album. "On the Rebirth album, a few of the tracks I worked on were one, 'Prom Queen,'" Shanell revealed in an interview. "'I'm So Over You,' which is on the bonus edition. A song called 'Runnin'' and 'American Star.'"

     "I really really like 'Runnin'' and how that song came about, I actuallyw was, I'd just jumped in the booth and started singing and screaming and Wayne actually liked it and said, 'Let me put a verse on it.' It was gonna be something I was probably gonna keep myself but it works out kinda the way he put it together."

Shannell – Talks Working On Lil Wayne's Rebirth



Lil Wayne ft Shannell – Prom Queen


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