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Nipsey Hussle & Freddie Gibs Reply To Jae Millz

Posted By on March 31, 2010

     After Jae Millz made some negative comments about the recent XXL Magazine that pointed out the top 10 Freshman rappers, rap newcomers Nipsey Hussle and Freddie Gibbs have come forward to respond to Mr. Millz. 'N*ggaz got they pantys in a bunch over that xxl cover….," he wrote Tuesday (March 30) night on his twitter. "and 4 tha record if u been rappin 10 years and ain't drop yet….its over! -Nh."

     Freddie Gibbs took to his twitter, feeling like Jae Millz comments were directed toward him. "I don't know jae millz never met him," he wrote on Twitter last night, "never had a conversation,I didn't address it cuz I didn't feel like he was talkin to me."

     So what did Jae Millz say? "I don't feel no sort of way about me not being in the Top 10 but can't
no n*gga tell me that my n*gga Vado ain't supposed to be on that cover
or on the flip cover of that XXL Top 10 Freshmen issue," Millz said in
an interview. "Can't nobody tell me that, and if you do want to argue
with me, you can argue with me about anything because I only know five
n*ggas out of the ten n*ggas on that cover. And my ears [are] to the
streets…I'm not even gonna say the name of the n*ggas I know, that's
gonna single n*ggas out or whatever, but n*ggas know whose supposed to
be on that cover and n*ggas know who ain't supposed to be on that
f*cking cover."

     Check out what J Cole feels about Jae Millz comments along with the comments Jae Millz made below..

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