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Jae Millz Arrested + Lil Wayne Phone Call

Posted By on May 19, 2010

     Last night (May 19th), Young Money artist Jae Millz took to his twitter account to tell everyone that he was being busted by the cops. Charged with possession of an illegal substance, Jae Millz tweeted "I'm gettin arrested!!.. 1" .. "Its real weird how I got arrested 4 havin an illegal substance, but 80% of da holdin cell was in there cuz of chicks #Ironic" … "S.O 2 ALL my n*ggas still in the 43rd Precinct up in da Bronx abt 2 head 2 the #Bronxhouse "Officeerr WTF!!"#JailJokeOfDaNite"
"#LessonLearned & #WakeUpCall All in 1 day!!!!!" … "If u ever in da holdin cage in da 43rd Precint in da Bronx, sit on da bench & look 2 ur far right & chek out my tag up!#MillzWasHere"

      In related news, Young Money's top boss, Lil Wayne, recently had a phone call with DJ Scoob Doo in which he talked about the video for "(We Be) Steady Mobin", which was pre-filmed and even the possibility of Gucci Mane shooting his part. They talked about finding contraband in his cell (ipod ear buds and a charger plus an ipod and a cell phone). Check it out below!


Lil Wayne – Phone Call With DJ Scoob Doo (Talk Video & More)