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Mack Maine Talks Leading Young Money (Video)

Posted By on November 1, 2010

     Young Money's CEO, Mack Maine, recently talked about his daily experience of being the head man of Lil Wayne's Universal slash Cash Money Records imprint. According to Mack Maine, he finds himself taking on multiple projects everyday.

     "I'm just gonna give you an example of today. I talked to Pharrell, tryna to negotiate for Tyga's album. He has four tracks on Tyga's album, so I have to make sure he gets paid for that. Tyga sent me his track listing today, so I'm sitting back trying to figure out in my head an estimated number like, "Is he gonna be over budget," basically. He has four tracks from Pharrell, one from Banner, a few features, so I'm calculating numbers in my head to see where he's at with that. Also, I'm on the phone tryna to schedule the events for Wayne's coming home party in Miami. We weren't gonna do one in Vegas, because we had a promoter guy and at the last minute he dropped the ball on it. Now a new offer came in for Vegas, so I'm trying to see what we're gonna do with that. I've been on conference call with Baby all day, texting back and forth, emailing trying to get that together. I wake up expecting the unexpected. I never know what tomorrow will consist of in total. I know I have a few things I have to handle, but I can get a call at any moment about anything. I'm also trying to finalize the Young Money debit cards."

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