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Mack Maine Says Young Money Artists Are Legends

Posted By on December 8, 2009

    Young Money President, and Lil Wayne's right hand man, Mack Maine recently talked about the roster of artists Lil Wayne and his record label have put together, saying they will one day be in the music hall of fame. Mack Maine first talked about Young Money and Cash Money as a team and how they are not worried about Weezy's upcoming prison time. "As far as Cash Money, direction is everywhere," Maine said about the company. "Cash Money, Young Money it's [the same.] No feelings on [Wayne's bid.] We've been prepared. We've been prepared for whatever." [Mack Maine Talks Young Money Cash Money & Lil Wayne's Prison Time – Watch Here]

     Maine continued by talking about the Young Money slash Cash Money artist roster. "I could go back to the Cash Money question and the Jay Sean, Kevin Rudolf, Drake, Nicki Minaj, the top players in the genre, how could you ask for more? You got the NBA, you got your top players. All-Stars. Football All-Stars. We got legends that's gonna be in the Hall of Fame of music. If it's talent, we don't care where you from. It's not like we were looking for [Jay Sean], somebody turned Slim, Baby on, heard some of his music, saw some of his concerts, called him and was like, 'Why you not in the states yet?' because nobody knew him over there. It's like, we helped him and he helped us 'cause now we branching out way over there and getting some of his crowd." [Young Money President Talks Artist Roster – Watch Here]

Mack Maine – Says Young Money Has Legendary Artists


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