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Omarion Says Its Amazing To Be Off Young Money

Posted By on December 28, 2009

    Former Young Money artist Omarion recently talked about leaving the label headed by Lil Wayne to pursue a different path for his solo career. According to the former B2K member, he feels privileged to be free from Young Money and even speaks on his current position as an artist and executive. "It feels amazing," Omarion expressed. "Amazing, and the reason why it feels amazing is because I would have never thought at 25 I would have the opportunity to be in this position. A lot of artists, and I'm guilty of this too, it's like when you get into a habit of a regiment, like going on tour, hitting the stage, getting off, going to the hotel, next city, hit the stage, getting off, it can really put you in a box of not thinking about your future." [Omarion Loves Being Free From Young Money – Watch Here]

     The singer continued "So at different times, I was at that time in my career where I was cool with everything and when you look at movies like [Michael Jackson's] This Is It, your peers, they never wanna stop, they want to keep going, what's the next thing? So with me, I'm happy to be the captain of my ship and to be able to keep going." [Omarion Talks Being Off Lil Wayne's Young Money – Watch Here]

Omarion – Talks Life After Young Money