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Young Thug Confirms Signing to Birdman And Cash Money Records

Posted By on February 16, 2014

Atlanta rapper Young Thug has been killing the airwaves lately with songs like “Stoner” and “Danny Glover“. Rumors have been circulating that the young rapper has signed to Birdman. The rumors began when the two were seen together in the studio and hanging out a bunch in public.

According to Mass Appeal, Thug was brief but did say he signed to Cash Money Records.

“But he did perk up when I asked him if he officially signed to Cash Money. “Yo, is it official now? Are you signed to Cash Money?” Young Thug immediately turned away from about 50 flashing lights, searched for the dude who asked him what seemed to be the dumbest question in the world, and said, “Yeah. I signed.” Hearing this made my night, my weekend, my fucking year. Cash Money is a perfect place for Thug to grow, remain sexually elusive, and best of all make music with the dudes running hip hop right now. Drake, Young Thug, Lil Wayne all in one studio. I’m going to let you think on that while I pick up the pieces of my skull.” (Mass Appeal)

No word from Birdman’s camp just yet,the deal seems to be getting more and more real.

Check out Young Thug’s latest ” Out My FaceHERE .