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Yung Joc To Sue Bad Boy & Block Ent?

Posted By on May 14, 2009

    Rumor hass it that Yung Joc might be suing Bad Boy. The hommie over at GyantUnplugged says Joc called him saying he's had enough with the "shady business practices of the music industry" especially Block Entertainment. Rumors of Joc and "Big Block" being at eachothers throats, combined with Joc noticably being absent from their artist roster, all have pushed Joc over the edge.

    According to the website, Joc plans to sue both labels due to contractual situations, unpaid royalties and advances and of course, lack of support. Joc says he's even paid for his own PR, never got advance money and even says his former management (9196, owned by Big Block) got him in a "360" deal taking a piece of his money from every angle. SO what will happen? Time will tell.