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Yung Joc Wants Off Bad Boy

Posted By on August 14, 2009

     Yung Joc is lashing out at his Bad Boy label and Diddy himself as the rapper is frustrated with not being able to release music. [Yung Joc – Talks Problems With Bad Boy – Watch Here]  Joc says he can't legally release any music and even explained how he plans to get off the label by releasing a bunch of free mixtapes.

     "Honestly, there is no current situation with Bad Boy right now," Joc explained in an interview. [Yung Joc – Talks Problems With Bad Boy – Watch Here] "We've been in talks about me being possibly released. I don't think at the present time that that regime is the right outfit for me at the moment considering I work very hard as an artist and I'm still in a position where I'm not able to put out my music because of some conflicts of interest. Currently at the moment, there are definitely some talks between myself and Bad Boy, the attorneys, to push for a release. Why am I even signed if I can't put my music out? Yeah, I'm being held back in a sense. It's no hard feelings and once again it's no regrets…We in lawsuits, I can't release an album commercially and it is what it is…" [Yung Joc – Talks Problems With Bad Boy – Watch Here]

Yung Joc Talks Problems With Bad Boy