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Yung Joc STILL Wants Off Bad Boy

Posted By on October 8, 2009

     A while back we did a story about Yung Joc and how he wanted off Bad Boy Entertainment, well it seems he is still waiting to be released. Joe says that he is currently talking with many new labels but he's stuck on Bad Boy. "I was seeking a release from the regime that I was a part of and I knew that when I got my release, the streets [and] the fans, they don't really give a sh*t about all the woes and the troubles you going through with a label," Joc said about releasing his free Grind Flu mixtape. "They on to the next thing so that sh*t don't matter to 'em. So you gotta give 'em more than just a story. Give 'em some music and that' what I decided to do." [Yung Joc Talks About Fans Not Knowing What's Going On – Watch Here]

     Joc then goes on to discuss trying to get off of Bad Boy. "Also,I knew that in the process of me getting released [from Bad Boy], if I get a release, the next label is gonna wanna hear some music… Due to the terms of my release, I can't talk about the brother. God bless him… I got a few offers on the table… Right now, I'm doing what you would call, a lot of negotiating. Not a lot of BS'ing because these people know I'm very serious about my business." [Yung Joc Talks About Waiting To Get Off Bad Boy – Watch Here]

Yung Joc Wants Off Bad Boy