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Young Joc IS a Hustler

Posted By on August 27, 2007

When Yung Joc talks about his hustle game being tight, you better listen. The boy is stacking that paper. Big paper. He ranked on the Forbes list of top-paid rappers — a great feat for anybody, but especially for somebody who made the list with just a debut album under his belt.

"Thanks to God first, the fans, I have a wonderful support team: Block Entertainment, the Warner Music Group, Atlantic, Special Ops and media outlets like this one here," Joc said on the humble last week. "It takes more than the average civilians could ever imagine to be a star or a celebrity. It's a lot of hard work, determination and ambition."

Joc's aptly titled Hustlenomics comes out Tuesday. "My hustle is hip-hop," he said. "That's what I'm good with and I have to supply the demand. People want a hit record, I have to give that to them. People want to see a good show, I have to give that to them."