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Webbie Arrested for Domestic Disturbance, Both Claim Fault

Posted By on September 16, 2012

Down south rapper Webbie was arrested last week for allegedly getting into an arguement with a female and then kicking her down the stairs. However now after the dust has settled and Webbie was arrested and released from jail, the female victim is nixing her original statement.


The woman — who claims she and Webbie are dating, but it’s “rocky” — says the two of them got into a verbal argument, which turned physical — but not in the way the police report said. She says Webbie NEVER kicked her down the stairs — instead she claims he pushed her out of his hotel room and then she “stumbled” down the stairs, but was not injured. She also says the rapper didn’t rob her … the $340 he swiped from her purse was his money to begin with (which is what Webbie told us in the first place). She adds, “I am not mad at Webbie. Both of us are at fault for taking the argument too far.” (TMZ)

Webbie tweeted once he got out of jail and hinted at the lies and that things should be set straight soon.

The original details from the arrest were released by TMZ.

Rapper Webbie has been arrested for battery and robbery — after allegedly kicking a woman down a flight of stairs and filching $340 from her pocketbook … but Web tells us, none of it’s true. According to a police report filed in Baton Rouge, LA, Webbie is accused of attacking a woman inside a Chase Suite Hotel early this morning after being banned from the premises — kicking her down two sets of stairs before swiping her purse and stealing $340 in cash. The details surrounding the altercation are unclear. (TMZ)