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50 Cent talks new Album Black Magic; New G-Unit Members

Posted By on April 9, 2010

   G-Unit leader 50 Cent recently discussed his new upcomming album “Black Magic" with MTV News.

“I don’t believe in voodoo,” said 50, denying that the album has anything to do with voodoo or witchcraft. “But it’ll be very addictive. The first time you’ll hear it, you’ll remember the songs that’s on there. It’s designed for fun — for listening pleasure.”

   50 thinks the album will be ready and released by end of summer if not he will just continue to work on it until its ready. “I’m not in a hurry, I gave myself a goal to try and put it out by the end of the summer, so I’ll work that hard on the actual project. If I don’t feel it’s ready by the end of the summer, I’ll just jeep it”

While his G-Unit stable was once over 15 members deep it has dwindled down over the years with all of 50’s ego clashes and boss antics. So Fif is out again trying to find some new G-Unit recruits. “You’ll see new faces, because I’m looking for new artists now. I’ll sign new artists and take them with me and kinda groom them. I don’t specifically say, ‘I want this kind of artist’ — I look for talent that inspires me, that complements what I do with their own thing. Some of the stuff you can’t teach a person; they gotta have it.”

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