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Producer Scott Storch Explains Gunpoint New York Robbery

Posted By on August 22, 2013

Super music producer Scott Storch has explained exactly what went down after reports surfaced of being robbed at gunpoint after leaving a New York  recording studio in broad daylight.

According to Storch, two very tall “thugs” came up to him at gunpoint demanding all of his possesions.

“I was working in the studio and I always work those late hours so I was coming out of the studio at like seven in the morning and just unexpectedly these two, like seven foot tall thugs came out of nowhere, bam, they got me. Gunpoint. Yeah. I wasn’t in an SUV. There was an SUV waiting for us and I was walking out of the studio and they just got us before we could get into the car. It’s a set-up thing. I think right now, people really need to make sure when you’re in the studio during awards shows like the VMAs, people are on the hunt right now. There’s a lot of chains and watches out there when the VMAs are on, so, people got to make sure their security team is right.” (RapFix)

The Miami producer also expressed how he was not concerned about losing roughly $100,000 in goods.

“They said, ‘Give it up’ or they were going to shoot,” Scott added. “They had the gun pressed up on me. It was crazy. Since we’ve been in New York, here for the VMAs, we’ve just been in the studio, minding our own business, so, [it was] so random. [The $100,000 worth of possessions?] That is true. But it’s like, I’m not really worried about losing that stuff just as long as my family and myself are okay. We were unharmed and nothing’s going to stop the music.” (RapFix)

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