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Noah “40” Shebib Talks About Why He Put A Stop To Posthumous Aaliyah Album

Posted By on January 7, 2014

If you’ve heard more than one Drake song, then you’ve heard Noah “40” Shebib’s work; Or at least his name dropped by Aubrey. 40 is the man behind the man. Drake’s go to producer and long time friend. 40 recently sat down with Vibe, and discussed why he decided to cancel plans to put together a post humous Aaliyah album.

When asked how the opportunity came about, 40 had this to say:

“Aaliyah’s label Blackground—the Hankersons, her uncle and cousin—came to me and said if she was around she’d want you to do this [posthumous] project. I’ve been obsessed with Aaliyah forever, and I know Drake has his relationship with her. But that opportunity was mine. Drake said, “Can I do it with you?” and I was like, “Of course, we’ll do it together.” ” (Vibe)


40 then went on to explain that the reason he pulled the plug on the album was because Aaliyah’s mother made it clear that she did not want the project to come out.

“[That] was enough for me,” he said. “I walked away very quickly.”



Check out Drake previewing an unreleased Aaliyah song: