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Meagan Good Discusses New TV Drama “Deception”, Compare Aaliyah to Princess Diana

Posted By on February 1, 2013

n an exclusive interview with HipHopDX, Laz Alonso and Meagan Good sat down to talk about the new TV drama in which both of them co-star. They also took a moment to reflect on Aaliyah’s star power and her lasting legacy.

Laz Alonzo and Meagan are no strangers when it comes to being on the same set. The both starred in 2007’s “Stomp The Yard” as well as “Jumping the Broom”, which was released in 2011. Now they are working together on the new TV Drama Series, “Deception”.

They both share something else in common beside the TV Film set; an affection and appreciation for the late, great Aaliyah. Both stars shared their sentiments concerning the late artist.

Good has already expressed her desire to play the role of Aaliyah in a personal biopic. Good, said that Aaliyah paved the way so many women that followed. She spoke about the class that the late star displayed, expressing that she even exuded her sexiness in a way that was not sleezy.

“There’s a way to be sexy…without giving you all of that,” she says. “I’m not judging anybody else. Even her at 22 [years old] got that. Me at 22 [years old], I was still trying to figure it out. Her at 22, she possessed that wisdom and she just got it.”

“She danced delicately within so many different genres,” adds Alonso.

“When she was associated with Roc-A-Fella [Records] and Dame Dash, she was also heavily loved and revered by Ruff Ryders and DMX. But she still never lost that ladyness. She never lost that dainty womanliness about her. She didn’t have to be rough. She could throw on a ski cap but still have on a half-cut shirt and her stomach out and wearing Jordans and still be a lady.

“I think Aaliyah kind of wrote the book on how to be cool but still elegant and sexy without throwing it all out there in a real ratchet and raunchy way,” he concludes. “I think girls could still learn from Aaliyah even now.”