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Jay Rock & Ab-Soul Talk TDE

Posted By on October 30, 2013

If you haven’t heard of TDE or BlackHippy, get your shit together! The group (Kendrick Lamar, Schoolboy Q, Jay Rock, and Ab Soul) are at the epicenter of hip hop nowadays. Jay Rock and Ab recently chopped it up about the different dynamics of the group and what each member brings to the table.


“I just think it’s cool that you can spot an immediate distinction between the two of us; that you don’t think we’re so similar,” said Ab-Soul. “We’re both from LA—but he’s from Watts; I’m from Carson. It’s like different boroughs, so we are completely different. The way we talk, our dialect is different—from where he lives and vice versa. To one person, Jay Rock may come across as ‘this’ or someone who does ‘this’ and to others he may be telling their story. It’s dope to me that you at least spot—whatever your opinion is, pick your poison, whatever’s your flavor—I’m glad you spot an immediate difference, that we both have different fingerprints. That’s very important.” (XXL)


Jay Rock then expanded on the origins of the group:

“If you ever listen to us or been following us, you understand we all feed off each other,” said Rock. “If you listen to all our albums, you hear a little of everybody [in everybody else] because we’ve been around each other so long like family. It’s hard to explain. Soul, he can explain it better than I can. But when we hear each other’s stuff, we all get motivated by listening to each other.” (XXL)

“I want to elaborate on what Soul was talking about earlier: A lot of people don’t really know that I was the foundation,” he added. “Everywhere I went, they was with me. A lot of people don’t really understand how long it took, the grind that we did in a 12-passenger van, driving from California to Maine in this one van with all of us. It’s still crazy. I’m still learning. Even though I was the forefront, I’m still learning, too.” (XXL)