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Action Bronson On ‘Mr. Wonderful’ Album : “It’s like licking the back of a knee…”

Posted By on March 23, 2015

Action Bronson is set to drop his album, ‘Mr. Wonderful’ tomorrow (March 24). While promoting the album, Bronson chopped it up with Complex about expectations for the album, how he feels about it, and what’s to come for the New York MC.

“It’s just another piece,” Action Bronson said. “It’s not a life’s work. It’s just important, you know? Everything is important to me, so nervous is nothing that—I don’t get nervous. Antsy? You could say antsy, but nervous? No. I’m gonna continue doing what I do. Because I like doing this. This is my art, my hobby, my job, my everything. This is what I do…Sex. [It] takes you on all types of emotions, all types of feelings. It hits you in different places. It’s like licking the back of a knee. You would think that it’s crazy, but it feels so good.”


Action went on to detail his anticipation for the first week sales of the project.

“There’s a certain number that would probably depress me,” he said. “I can’t figure out what it is, but I’ll just know it when I see it. But I’m optimistic about things. I think things will work out. And it’s not always all about the first week, but once again that’s what a lot of people—they care about that. But I don’t. I’m already successful, man. I’ve already gained a lot of success from making $500 a week in a fuckin’ kitchen. You kidding me? I’m the definition of success that comes from that organically. I’ve made this myself. I didn’t know anybody in the rap game and the music game. Nothing. Nothing, no game. I didn’t know anyone in the game.”


Stream “Mr. Wonderful” below;