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Akon Talks Meeting & Signing Lady Gaga (Video)

Posted By on October 14, 2010

     Akon recently sat down to talk about how he first saw and met Lady Gaga, when asked he replied "My first reaction when I first saw her was the same reaction everyone else had, WTF? In my mind I was like Yo, that’ s a star. We just have to figure out how the hell to present this chick to the world, once we get over that hump we’re 100. There’s only two things that can happen to her, she’s either going to blow up way big or flop extremely hard. I was willing to take that chance."

      Akon then talks about signing the superstar to his Kon Live Distribution and how his first thoughts when seeing her and why she is successful.

Akon – Talks About Signing Lady Gaga