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A$AP Mob Being Sued For Crowd Surfing At Concert

Posted By on March 28, 2015

A$AP Mob is being sued by a woman who claimed she was injured by them during a concert at Fonda Theater in Hollywood back in 2013. Accoring to Tammy Nguyen, the A$AP members start crowd surfing and thing got a little crazy. She claims A$AP Ferg  jumped in to the crowd and then drilled her and she had to fight her way through the audience to take care of her injuries.

“She says A$AP members, including Darold Ferguson, Jr. — better known as A$AP Ferg — were diving in the crowd, along with a bunch of fans. When Ferguson jumped, Nguyen says he nailed her.   And what’s worse, she says she had to fight her way through the crowd to get out, and security didn’t help.” (TMZ)