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Asher Roth Gets Heat From Nappy Headed Hoes Joke

Posted By on April 24, 2009

    Freshman rapper Asher Roth is getting a lot of negative attention after posting a "nappy headed hoes" joke on his Twitter account. During an event at Rutgers University on Thursday (4-24), Roth made the controversial statement saying "At Rutgers stirring up a ruckus," Roth wrote unmodified. "Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry Twitter – hanging out with some nappy headed h*es…Totally just making fun of Don Imus – Sorry Scoot, not trying to be offensive…I'm extremely apologetic to anyone who took offense to my immature, bad joke."

    As seen above, Roth later said he was sorry and now his twitter page features a major gap in-between the posted times where the comments were apparently deleted. The Asher Roth "nappy headed hoes" comment comes almost two years after radio host Imus got fired for saying nearly the same thing about the Rutgers female basketball team, which Asher was obviously spoofing.