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Aesop Rock

Long Legged Larry

Posted By on March 19, 2021

Last November, veteran underground Hip-Hop artist Aesop Rock unleashed the impressive 21-track project Spirit World Field Guide, and now, for his first single since the release of his critically acclaimed album, he has opted to share a song about a frog. Where the inspiration stems from is yet to be revealed, but “Long Legged Larry” arrives a day prior to National Frog Day and focuses on a legendary frog named Larry, whose jumping ability makes him a celebrity and hero to the people that live near to him. 

Accompanying the single is a silly stop motion video that colorfully paints Long Legged Larry’s wild adventures. The video was brought to life by Rob Shaw, and interestingly enough, Larry’s appearance was visualized by a draftsman and renowned amphibian consultant named Jeremy Fish. With everyone’s contributions combined, “Long Legged Larry” isn’t just a single, but rather a full-fledged multimedia collaboration.

Aesop Rock’s eccentric new release also comes with a material realization of Long Legged Larry, and fans interested in the collectible bean bag version of Larry can pre-order the toy right now.

What are your thoughts on Aesop Rock’s unconventional new National Frog Day-themed release?

Quotable Lyrics

Larry’s on the case
Jump so high pluck a star out of space
Jump over anything, even Salt Lake
Jump into the mosh pit, jump out of a cake

Aesop Rock