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On My Soul (Remix)

Posted By on October 27, 2021

Meek Mill is fresh off of the release of his latest body of work, Expensive Pain. Marking the rapper’s fifth studio album, he brought together a collection of songs that reminded his fans of just how sharp his pen is, and how easily he can adjust to the new generation of rappers. Over the course of his career, Meek’s dabbled with auto-tune-inflected records and on his latest album, it’s “On My Soul” that became an instant favorite among his fan base.

Now, Almighty Jay is taking the track to vent with a new remix of “On My Soul.” Almighty Jay follows a similar melodic lead to Meek Mill while detailing personal turmoil that he’s experienced.

Check out the latest from Almighty Jay below and sound off in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
‘Cause everybody ’round you change up when you rich
And everybody got they handout, n***a, I don’t owe you shit
Had to watch the way I move, and had to change up my movement
Tell the odds that I beat ’em, all this money and this fame
My life will never be peaceful

Almighty Jay


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