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Posted By on December 4, 2020

In keeping with the consistent sound her fans love her for, Alycia Bella’s latest single, “Link” is a delicate, gentle, intimate track to listen to when you’re deeply in your feelings. 2020 has been a significant year for Bella. She released four singles, “Cue The Sun,” “Bloom,” “Seasons,” and now this. Fans have their fingers crossed that an album is on the way, given all the individual tracks she dropped this year.

“Link” starts off quietly, without a beat, as Bella’s ethereal, stand-alone vocals come in. What’s starts off sounding raw and bare, slowly escalates, sinking its claws into the listener with gripping vocal effects toward the end of the song, leaving you wanting to hit repeat and take it in all over again.

Quotable Lyrics:
You know I’m erasing
Any signs, yeah
Every conversation
Always ends in lies
And I know I can’t keep you
So anytime
You call I answer
We link I regret it
You act like we’re strangers
I lose all my patience with you

Alycia Bella


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