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Amy Winehouse Feat. Ghostface Killah

You Know I’m No Good (Ghostface UK Version)

Posted By on October 27, 2021

Today, Amy Winehouse’s classic sophomore studio album, Back To Black, turns 15 years old. That 11-track record featured the critical and commercial juggernaut “Rehab” alongside many of her most beloved tracks, such as “Back to Black” and “Love Is a Losing Game.” As a result, today is the perfect time to celebrate the cultural impact of Back To Black.

Although Amy Winehouse’s output was mainly categorized as soul and jazz, the late singer did have an appreciation for Hip-Hop. Hardcore Winehouse fans will likely remember that she was actually a part of a rap group called Sweet ‘n’ Sour prior to breaking out as a world-renowned singer, but her affinity for Hip-Hop continued throughout her career. The Back To Black standout track “Me & Mr. Jones” is actually inspired by her friend and collaborator Nas, and at the beginning of the song, Amy even complains about the “fuckery” that had caused her to “miss the Slick Rick gig.”

Nas isn’t the only rapper who Amy Winehouse collaborated with, either. On one of the remixes to the Back To Black cut “You Know I’m No Good,” the late artist teamed up with Ghostface Killah, so in honor of Back To Black‘s 15-year anniversary, listen to the Ghostface Killah-assisted remix of “You Know I’m No Good” below.

Quotable Lyrics

Yo, I knew you was trouble when I first laid eyes on you
Temperature’s so hot, the heat just rise with you
Let me ride with you, talk about your mistakes
You cheated yourself but these are the breaks

Amy Winehouse


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