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Anders Feat. Kvn Rose


Posted By on August 1, 2021

anders just dropped off his Honest EP, which is a great piece of work. Contained on the project is the single “Curious,” which features Kvn Rose and is produced by SLMN. “Curious” is a radio-ready hit, equipped with an amazingly catchy chorus and a dope beat. The subdued twangs of the bassy synths on “Curious” sound like something Mustard would have cooked up. 

Kvn Rose’s honey-sweet vocals pair well with anders’ equally sugary croon. “Curious” is about a man who is somewhat insecure about his importance in his woman’s life because he thinks she is cheating on him. The honesty in the concept is refreshing, and it’s hard not to love this song. 

Quotable Lyrics
Baby there ain’t nobody
Why keep smiling at your phone
Don’t play with me for dummy yeah
Nobody got me out my zone
Losin sleep over the thought that
You might break my heart
A pretty girl gon do what she do



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