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Anthony Hamilton Feat. Rick Ross

Real Love

Posted By on September 29, 2021

It’s been well over a year since Rick Ross announced his album, Richer Than I’ve Ever Been but there’s yet to be an actual release date announced. He continuously says it’s coming soon, though at this point, that even feels like an empty promise. Fortunately, we’re not left entirely without new music from Ross. He’s shared a few guest verses in recent times, including a brand new collaboration with Anthony Hamilton. The R&B singer tapped the boss for his latest project, Love Is The New Black on the highlight, “Real Love.” With 9th Wonder on the production, Hamilton’s silky voice meets Ross’ opulent baritone delivery as they detail their own versions of what real love is.

Check out the record below and sound off in the comments.

Quotable Lyrics
She rockin’ cornrows and I’m so amazed
Cartier bracelets for every court case
She lookin’ like a movie, yeah Scorcese
Tryna build a mansion out in Lil Haiti

Anthony Hamilton


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