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Not Wock

Posted By on July 30, 2021

For better or worse, no one in Hip-Hop is currently making music like Bktherula. The sensational Atlanta upstart’s breakout single “TWEAKIN’ TOGETHER” earned herself a deal with Warner Records in 2020, and before the year was out, she delivered the ambient and sonically robust mixtape Nirvana

This year, Bktherula has been keeping that momentum going with tracks like “Blue” and “Santanny,” and now the inimitable rising artist is back with a spacy new track titled “Not Wock.”

Like much of Bktherula’s music so far, the femcee rattles off attention-catching bars throughout “Not Wock.” They just may be a little challenging to catch at first due to Bk’s lightning-quick pace and her tendency to occupy the weaker and more unexpected pockets of her characteristically frenetic beats. While “Not Wock” is not as sonically abrasive as the previously mentioned “Blue,” it demonstrates Bktherula’s full dedication to her unique, even if jarring, style.

Get familiar with Bktherula and her off-kilter brand of rap by listening to “Not Wock” below.

Quotable Lyrics

I’m not on the market no more, I’m in love and I put in passion (Passion)
They still gon’ know it’s me, even though it’s rona or I’m maskin, ha
I don’t know how I got money, I guess you can say I attract it, yeah (I don’t know)
Ain’t no n*gga f*cking with me ’cause I am a f*cking f*ggot, yeah