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Boldy James

Brick Van Exel

Posted By on August 15, 2020

Boldy James recently dropped his highly-anticipated project The Versace Tape, through Griselda Records, and fans of the Detroit artist are excited about the output. While the project might only be 20 minutes long, there is no denying that it is packed with content of the grimiest kind. One of the best tracks on the entire project is called “Brick Van Exel” which is a reference to the basketball player named Nick Van Exel.

Throughout the song, we get lyrics about a drug deal gone wrong and the pitfalls of entering a life of crime. In the middle of the track, we get a short skit that features audio of Van Exel hitting a clutch shot while playing against the Sacramento Kings. These elements come together in a dope lowkey track that will certainly excite fans of this style.

Quotable Lyrics:

Every time I met up with the plug felt like a setup
Little cuz facin’ letters, I just told him keep his head up
Only thing that I could tell him, quarantinin’ with the felons
Got out, got on, took it to Bowling Green where I could sell ’em

Boldy James