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Boldy James

Home Invasion

Posted By on July 9, 2020

Yesterday, we received a new song from Boldy James as part of the rapper’s deluxe edition for Alchemist-produced The Price of Tea in China. The deluxe apparently comes with four new songs attached, and on “Pots and Pans,” Boldy takes fans back real quick.

The song features The Cool Kids and Shorty K, who, if you’ll recall, were more prominent figures on the blogs around a decade ago. Of course, The Cool Kids are Sir Michael Rocks and Chuck Inglish, while Shorty K was a close affiliate of Michael Rocks, and so he showed up on a few songs alongside the duo. Boldy is the cousin of Inglish, and while he had a life dedicated to drug-dealing (“I Sold Dope All My Life” is another dope cut off the same mixtape you’ll find this particular song), after some encouragement from his cousin he decided to pursue rapping.

His first mixtape was 2011’s Trapper’s Alley, which I mentioned in the “Pots and Pans” post yesterday. I was feeling nostalgic after that post, and decided to re-play the mixtape, including my personal favorite “Home Invasion.” Thus, here we are on this fine Thursday with the record selected as a TBT song.

If you’ve just become familiar with the talents of Boldy James because of his Alchemist and Griselda affiliation, I encourage you to also dig into his early mixtape catalog, of which there are plenty. Trapper’s Alley remains a stand-out.

Quotable Lyrics

Got n*ggas looking out, when you’re home
They casing your joint
He bagging out, as soon as you’re gone they raping the joint
Fresh out, just got home, straight from the joint
Real ConCreatures, coming straight from Detroit
Shoot you dead in the head, call it straight to the point
Violate, catch a whole ‘nother case in the joint
Down with the king, wilin’ out in the bin
Filing down anything they can make with a point

Boldy James