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Busta Rhymes Feat. M.O.P


Posted By on October 31, 2020

It’s been eleven years since Busta last released a full-length album and his latest offering, ELE 2: The Wrath Of God is well worth the wait. The rapper’s latest project has 22 songs in total with massive collaborations alongside equally heralded legends. Kendrick delivers his first verse of the year on “Look Over Your Shoulder,” while Busta unleashes a posthumous collab with the late ODB. 

One collaboration that Busta had fans waiting for was “Czar” with M.O.P. The rapper previewed the single on Instagram this week before unleashing the record in its entirety on his latest project. Busta and M.O.P deliver grimey New York flows with high-voltage energy, matching Rockwilder’s aggressive horn-heavy production. “Czar” is a modernized take of the nostalgic sound of Busta Rhymes and M.O.P.’s prime.

Peep the single below.

Quotable Lyrics
Light switch on
Fuck shit up ’til everyone in this bitch gone 
Launch grenade bombs
Spit that venom to break up your legs and both arms 
Volcanic eruption, we tell ’em, “Remain calm”

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