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Busta Rhymes

Who Are You

Posted By on November 4, 2020

Busta Rhymes recently laid it all on the line with the release of his ambitious and appropriately epic Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath Of God, a project that prompted scores of his peers to step forward with flowers in hand. Coming equipped with no shortage of different styles, Busta opted to keep a few eclectic bonus cuts tucked away for the Reloaded version, which arrived a few days after the original’s release.

Boasting the Murda Beatz-produced “Blowing The Speakers” and a revisit of the Eminem duet “Calm Down,” ELE: Reloaded also came equipped with “Who Are You,” which finds Busta Rhymes embodying the spirit of the Dungeon Dragon once again. Off the bat, it’s evident that Busta is aiming for the jugular with his savage introductory bar “shit gets painful like a pregnant pussy with contractions.” From there, all hell breaks loose as the legendary emcee proves he can adapt to any production style. While it’s not quite as potent as some of ELE’s more intense highlights, it’s clear that Bus-a-Bus brought everything he had to these sessions, and Reloaded only solidifies the depth of his ammunition stores. 

Check it out for yourself now, and sound off. Do you think Busta Rhymes came through with a genuine album of the year contender?


Everybody with the action ’til you hear this shit go
And a situation happened
Shit gets painful like a pregnant pussy with contractions
Every bitch’ll get to schemin’, every ni*ga get to blackin’


Busta Rhymes