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Round Here

Posted By on August 2, 2021

Calboy has continuously been one of the more unique young artists in the game thanks to his solid storytelling and buttery smooth melodies. The Chicago artist has been a master at creating catchy tracks, and whenever he drops something new, fans are ready to support it in every single way they can. Recently, Calboy blessed his loyal fans with a brand new song called “Round Here” which also came with a brand new music video.

In this track, we get a luxurious instrumental that features some of Calboy’s crispiest melodies yet. The artist floats on this production all while he offers stories about his upbringing and how he’s been able to remain successful since his breakout release. Overall, it’s yet another solid release from the artist, and you can check it out, below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Tryna make it out them dark days (Oh)
Since the fame, been more pain and heartbreak (Heartbreak)
Reminiscin’ ’bout them days, was in that hallway (That hallway)
Straight out the mud, I got this shit thе hard way (Hard way)