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Can't See Me (Freestyle)

Posted By on February 17, 2021

Arlington, Texas MC CalenRaps has been a buzzing figure in the underground over the past five years. From the time he went viral off of the success of his #TenToesDownChallenge in 2016, he’s maintained a steady hustle, maintaining pride in his independent success as he rises up the ranks of Southern hip-hop.

CalenRaps recently kicked off his #MondayMedicine series where he’ll be offering new music at the top of the week for the remainder of 2021. This week, he slid through with his latest freestyle, “Can’t See Me (Freestyle).” Over minimalistic production, CalenRaps takes aim at the growing trend of fake independent rappers who make it seem that there isn’t a major label machine behind them. “Why are so many names in n***as writin’ credits/ Just me and my pain in all my writing sessions,” raps Calen on the record.

Check his latest offering below.

Quotable Lyrics
If there’s more than one pen in, you ain’t independent
You ain’t put every cent in, you ain’t independent
Somebody check your e-mail, somebody check your mentions
Somebody do the detail, somebody test the engine
You ain’t independent



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