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Carnage & The Martinez Brothers Feat. Mike Dean & Elderbrook


Posted By on August 9, 2020

Carnage and The Martinez Brothers are well-established names in the producer world and recently, they decided to link up with some help from legendary producer Mike Dean, and singer Elderbrook. Their effort resulted in a new track called “Together” and it’s certainly a melancholic vibe that will help you get through this gloomy Sunday.

Throughout the track, we are met with some lowkey piano melodies that help provide the laid back aesthetic. Meanwhile, Elderbrook delivers some beautiful vocal lines that harmonize perfectly with the instrumental. These elements come together seamlessly and the influences of all four artists can be distinctly heard.

If you need something to relax and vibe to, consider adding this track to your playlist.

Quotable Lyrics:

We go, to resonate and elevate
To think about the younger days
How everything was simple then
It’s old
Over and now and we can change
It’s up to you and me again, again, again…



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