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Che Lingo Feat. Kojey Radical

Dark Days

Posted By on September 27, 2020

Che Lingo has made a reputation for himself as a formidable lyricist in the short time since he first started receiving attention for his thought-provoking music.

His single “My Block,” in which he addresses an incident of police brutality that left a close friend brain-damaged, picked up traction in London’s Black Lives Matter protests this summer and garnered a spot on the NBA 2K21 soundtrack.

He returns with “Dark Days,” an elegantly produced track with Kojey Radical in which the two reflect on their relationships and missed opportunities to show love.

“This song is a self prescribed therapy session,” he said in a statement about the song. “Growing up and getting into dating and experiencing things as a young black male, I realized I had nothing to go on relationship-wise because my household wasn’t nuclear.”

Over a relaxing harp loop, luxurious strings, and a rich warm bassline, the two exorcise their demons as they pledge to do better for the special women in their lives.

You can watch the video for “Dark Days” below, which is the latest of three singles Che Lingo has been releasing in anticipation of his upcoming debut with 7Wallace, The Worst Generation

Quotable Lyrics

You wanna talk about Black love, I ain’t really got examples
I was raised by my nana cause my mom was on the roads getting money with a sharp tool
Funny how I probably developed a couple scars too
Firstborn, I was whiter than the milk man, daddy was a dark horse
So when he never came back with the blue cap, it proved the capacity for love was only half full
Took her for a drink on Tuesday, now I dodge her but I know it isn’t artful
You know women got a 6th sense, so there really isn’t putitng nothing past you
Yo what’s that little feeling in your heart called when you wanna tell her but don’t really wanna argue

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