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Chelsea Collins Feat. 24kGoldn

Water Run Dry

Posted By on August 15, 2020

Chelsea Collins has been a bubbling artist as of late and fans are starting to catch to her ability to craft catchy songs while also showcasing a pretty great voice. Her most recent effort is a song called “Water Run Dry” and it features the likes of 24kGoldn who recently achieved a huge milestone by gracing the cover of XXL’s Freshman List.

On this track, we can definitely hear the summer vibes shining through as both artists provide melodic verses about relationships and how it feels to be close to someone. Unlike the trend of songs that deal with heartbreak, this track firmly plants itself in the love category, which helps it stand out in the sea of negativity.

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Quotable Lyrics:

Tryna wake up (Yeah) with you naked (Yeah)
And make up for the times that we wasted (Wasted)
On the fake friends (Friends), and the fake love (Love)
‘Cause I’m a savage and you a real one (Yeah)

Chelsea Collins


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