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Chief Keef

Bang Bang

Posted By on August 21, 2020

Last night, Mike WiLL Made-It let the cat out of the bag, revealing that he and Chief Keef were in the process of cooking up a project — one that was nearly seventy-five percent complete. Now, we’re looking at the album’s first single, one that finds Chief Keef comfortably in his bag. “Bang Bang” comes alive with a sinister banger from Mike WiLL, who adapts to Keef’s unforgiving style with equal intensity. The distortion runs as high as the tension as Keef sets the tone, opting for a restrained flow in his methodical opening verse.

As the song progresses, Keef ups his intensity and quickens his pace. “In the trap steady walk to my peephole,” he spits. “Now I’m in the mansion, don’t know my gate code / in the party [woo-woo], okay ho / Chino come through the back with a Draco.” There’s a case to be made that “Bang Bang” is one of the hardest Sosa tracks in a minute, and if Mike WiLL can continue to tap into this intensity, it will be hard to deny the impact their upcoming album might have. Check it out for yourself, and sound off — are you still riding with Chief Keef?


Chief Sosa, I’m Mufasa, Rastafari, bamboclaata
We turn you to a water, lil’ n***a, please don’t get mopped up
Mr. Mad Max, I be runnin’ ’round with shottas
I’m the alleycat and you the rat that run around with coppers

Chief Keef