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Cypress Hill

Open Ya Mind

Posted By on October 30, 2021

Cypress Hill is gearing up for a brand new album entirely produced by Black Milk, and fans are extremely excited to hear it. B-Real and Sen Dog have been cooking up some dope tracks as of late, and recently, they decided to unleash their second single from the upcoming project. This track is called “Open Ya Mind,” and there is a very obvious message to be found here.

Throughout the track, both MCs rap about the war on drugs and how the feds still go after people even though weed is now legal. The lyrics speak on catching cases and having the feds outside of your door simply for having a substance that is unharmful but also completely legal. We also get some dope production here and overall, it comes together for a great track that will certainly appeal to longtime fans of the group.

You can check it out, down below.

Quotable Lyrics:

Feds surrounding my place
The warrants all in my face
Damn I thought this shit was legal
Boy that’s just not the case
Now i’m fighting a case

Cypress Hill