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DaBaby Feat. Young Thug


Posted By on August 4, 2020

Earlier this year, DaBaby started teasing some new music with Young Thug and now, we get to hear what the two rap forces were working on.

Releasing the deluxe edition of BLAME IT ON BABY today, DaBaby collaborates with Gunna, Stunna 4 Vegas, Rich Dunk, and more. He also comes through with his official Young Thug collaboration, sneaking it in as the fourth song on the deluxe tracklist.

Titled “BLIND,” the pair of rappers speak about their lifestyles, with Baby touching on how he’s dominated the charts this year. When it comes time for Thugger to jump in, he gets right to it, talking about how his quarantine life has been with his kids. 

This is one of the standouts from the deluxe version of BLAME IT ON BABY. Listen to the project’s extension here and let us know your thoughts on this song by voting above.

Quotable Lyrics:

Yeah, I’ve been quarantined, livin’ with my kiddies
Tryna teach me how to cha-cha, ah
Fucked around, left this door open
Now they know that they can’t stop me, don’t place me in no cop car
Yeah, I’m off probation, so it’s gas I blow
I fell in love with my bitch, so I don’t ask no more
I can really sit back, ain’t gotta pass no dough
All of my brothers get loot, I don’t got ride with the pistols



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