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Posted By on August 5, 2020

It’s gotten to the point where DaBaby might very well be plagued by “flow” jokes forever. Having come into the mainstream spotlight with a distinct way of rapping, it didn’t take long for fans and haters alike to notice a commonality between tracks. Even when DaBaby switched it up in subsequent efforts, the meme could not be forgotten. In any case, the North Carolina rapper appears to be doing fine — better than fine, even — having recently dropped off a brand new Deluxe Edition of Blame It On Baby. 

With ten new songs and a “new album” label from DaBaby himself, “Go” goes a long way in defiantly addressing one of his common criticisms. “I ain’t never told a lie, these other n***s rappin’ fiction,” he spits, at the tail end of a lengthy free-verse. “Could’ve been switched the flow, these stupid n***s wouldn’t get it.” There’s no debating that DaBaby possesses the skill to pull it off, as evidenced by his effortless go at double-time rapping on this one. Whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that DaBaby has been consistently bringing raw energy to every track he steps to, including “Go.” Check it out for yourself now, and sound off.


R&B freak, I try to fuck her every day
Curly-haired jiggy bitch, it might be DaniLeigh
Ooh, did he just say that? You probably need to playback
Six cars in the driveway and I don’t even drive
I be backseat pimpin’, about to go and get a Maybach