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Welcome Home DMX

Posted By on January 9, 2021

We’re entering another year of the Griselda takeover. Over the past two years, they’ve dominated the rap game, ascending to the top with seats next to the greats. 2021, they’re evidently leveling up with the release of their first full-length film, Conflicted. With the film set to drop in the future, Griselda x B$F officially dropped the soundtrack on Friday which includes a slew of new records from the Griselda clique and beyond.

Dave East connects with B$F’s Jonezy for a highlight off of the project titled, “Welcome Home DMX.” The pair tackle an airy vocal sample with razor-sharp flows reflecting on the grim reality of the U.S. Justice system. Dave East opens up the record before sliding it over to Jonezy who snaps on the record.

Quotable Lyrics
Richard Mille on my right wrist
No rap cash, just Off-White shit
N***as know me for the dice shit
Throwin’ dog food on the rice shrimp

Dave East


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