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DC The Don


Posted By on September 11, 2021

Over the last four years, DC The Don has been consistently dropping dope songs, and there is no doubt that he has differentiated himself from the other artists that found themselves intertwined with the SoundCloud era. With each new track, he shows off his growth, and fans are always excited to hear what he’ll bring to the table next. After last month’s banger “Notice Me,” DC The Don is back with “WHAT NOW?” which is an equally catchy single that will excite listeners.

Throughout this new effort, DC talks about how he moves around his city and how he can pretty well do as he pleases thanks to his newfound wealth and success. From cars to designer to women, DC is as confident as he’s ever been and he puts those feelings to record. If you’re a fan of melodic and braggadocios hip-hop, give this song a listen.

Quotable Lyrics:

I be outside when my house be at war, and I think that I’ve seen enough now
They say they need me to fuck up Milwaukee, come home, do a show, then I’m out (Yeah)
I gotta watch how I move through my city, four-hundred degrees, I’m hot now
See, I told them bitches, that new Murciélago can only fit two, so not now (Brr, yeah)

DC The Don