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Deb Never

Someone Else

Posted By on January 20, 2021

Stepping out of one’s comfort zone is necessary for growth. Following the release of May 2020’s Intermission, West Coast vocalist and guitarist Deb Never trekked to London where she spent the next five months working on new music. And today, we’re blessed to hear one of the first offerings from those sessions with “Someone Else.” Never offers a dreamy soundscape that builds up as she gets deeper and deeper into her most vulnerable thoughts. Never enlists Jam City and Michael Percy, who Never moved in with in London, for the song’s production who help transform the skeletal guitar arrangement into a deep drum-and-bass infused record. 

Check out the latest offering from Deb Never who also released an accompanying music video shot by Elif Gonen. 

Quotable Lyrics
Don’t you carry on
Know we’re worlds apart
Darlin’, I can play your favorite song 

Deb Never


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