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Posted By on October 2, 2020

Desiigner may never get away from the shadow of “Panda” or the incessant Future comparisons, but he doesn’t seem the least bit bothered by it.

The rapper left GOOD Music in 2019 to go independent with his new L.O.D. imprint, naming it after his final project with the label

He seems to be looking inward since going the independent route, dropping loosies and a two-track EP in the months since that were notably devoid of features. He hasn’t had any guest appearances in a while either and it looks like he’s focusing on improving his individual artistry.

“Molly” is the latest offering by the Brooklyn rapper and even though it sounds very much in line with the Atlanta-inspired trap he became known for, his rapping is noticeably tighter and more dynamic. 

Say what you will about Desiigner, but he never lacked charisma and personality. 

Check out the video for “Molly” below. Are you looking forward to more from the newly independent rapper?

Quotable Lyrics

Sipping on that Dom Péri, with me it’s very scary
I’ll put a n**** in the cemetery
I pull up with the guns like the military
I can’t show no lovе, don’t fuck with February
I’m riding in New York insidе my Mulsanne
Big body, I’m taking up the two lanes
I’m riding with your thottie, she gon do things
She gon eat me up, just like the food chain
I got the suicides, I got the Hellcat too
I’m chilling in my mansion and my crib brand new