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DJ Muggs & Hologram Feat. Action Bronson

Don't Ride With The Drugs

Posted By on August 2, 2021

With plenty of strong releases having dropped this past Friday, a few of the deeper gems happened to fly under the radar. One such gem includes Hologram and DJ Muggs’ new collaborative project American Cheese, a dark and grimy dose of slick boom-bap underground hip-hop.

It feels appropriate to shine a light on one of the highlights, which happens to feature a lyricist that many know and love — Action Bronson, who banks off his recognizability in the opening moments of his verse. Over a lively piano loop, Hologram sets it off with a laid-back verse, his delivery playing nicely against Bronsolinio’s dynamic flow. No stranger to collaborating with one another — Holo actually appeared on Action’s Lamb On Rice project — “Don’t Ride With The Drugs” is another strong duet from the like-minded emcees.

Check this one out now, and if you like what you hear, peep the entirety of Hologram and Muggs’ American Cheese right here.


I caught the alley-opp, jumped off my left foot
Brought the thunder, serve a motherfucker up just like some hummus
Two thug dykes, pack a Jersey, red Reggie White
Goin’ back and forth, uptown to cop haze, I’m talking every night 

Action Bronson

DJ Muggs & Hologram


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