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DJ SHAB Feat. OMB Peezy & Lil Poppa


Posted By on August 5, 2020

From Florida to Alabama and back, DJ Shab has connected Lil Poppa and OMB Peezy for a brand new banger. The pair of rappers connect over smooth southful Southern production with reflections of the streets. Their new single, “AfterLife,” arrived this afternoon. OMB Peezy and Poppa detail the haunting realities of the streets and the code that follows. Poppa holds things down on the first verse with another impressive performance as his vocals effortlessly sway through the production before Peezy slides through on the second verse.

Poppa has been putting work this year with the release of his latest project, Evergreen Wildchild 2. As for Peezy, he’s unleashed several loose singles and dropped off his project in May, In The Meantime. Keep your eyes peeled for more music from Peezy and Poppa.

Quotable Lyrics
If you ask me how I’m livin’, shit I’m livin’
But don’t ask me how I’m feelin’ cause I ain’t got no fuckin’ feelings
They say, ‘How you make it this far when they try to label you a menace?’
For all the times it was dark, we gon’ put stars in the ceiling



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