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Tuscan Leather

Posted By on September 24, 2020

Today marks the seventh anniversary of Drake‘s third studio album Nothing Was The Same, a project that remains a divisive one to this day. To be clear, the division doesn’t stem from anywhere particularly negative — rather, it seems that people are split as to where this record belongs in Drizzy’s overall catalog. Some fans even declare it to be his defining body of work, a transitionary project that captured his varied musical styles and foreshadowed some of his later creative directions. Others feel it marked the beginning of a decline, a thesis only bolstered by the admittedly anticlimatic Views. 

No matter where you stand on Nothing Was The Same, it’s hard to argue the strength of the introductory “Tuscan Leather.” Arguably one of Drake’s most interesting songs on a lyrical level, the extensive and bar-heavy reflection provided ample ammunition for those celebrating his bar-game. “I’m just as famous as my mentor, but that’s still the boss, don’t get sent for,” he warns, in the first of three verses. “Get hype on tracks and jump in front of a bullet you wasn’t meant for, cause you don’t really wanna hear me vent more.” 

Halfway through, the instrumental undergoes an engaging shift, spurring Drake to up his intensity. Mixing up vulnerable confessions with delightfully arrogant punchlines, Drake continues to unleash a salvo without ever breaking a sweat. “On a mission tryna shift the culture, tell me who dissin’, I got some things that’ll hit the culprit,” he raps, in the second verse. “Them strep throat flows, them shits to stop all of the talkin’.” 

Seven years removed from “Tuscan Leather” kicking off Nothing Was The Same, do you feel the track has managed to solidify itself as one of Drizzy’s best? 


On a mission tryna shift the culture
Tell me who dissin’, I got some things that’ll hit the culprit
Them strep throat flows, them shits to stop all of the talkin’
All of the talkin’, got one reply for all of your comments
Fuck what you think, I’m too busy, that’s why you leave a message
Born a perfectionist, guess that makes me a bit obsessive
That shit I heard from you lately really relieved some pressure
Like ayy B, I got your CD, you get an E for effort