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Drakeo The Ruler


Posted By on August 22, 2021

Drakeo the Ruler is one of the more unique voices coming out of Los Angeles right now and with each new release, fans rush to their phones to tap in. For months now, Drakeo has been beefing with artists like AzChike, as well as Rucci. In fact, Drakeo recently called out Boosie for doing a song with AzChike, which prompted a public response from the latter. Now, Drakeo is escalating the beef with a brand new diss track called “IngleWEIRD.”

With this new effort, Drakeo raps over some smooth production that features bouncy L.A. drums and some catchy piano melodies. From there, he unleashes a flurry of disrespectful bars that are addressed directly at AzChike and Rucci. The artist never puts his foot on the gas, and it makes for an unrelenting diss record that will most likely prompt some sort of response.

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Quotable Lyrics:

I am wearing two kilos, get him whacked for a c-note
Think I’m Wheezy F Baby I ain’t screaming go DJ
The fireman I burnt him, we ain’t trynna hear them sermons
Y’all be given when we pull up to the trenches with them fullies

Drakeo The Ruler