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Different Freestyle

Posted By on February 1, 2021

It’s officially DreamDoll’s time. She’s been on the scene for a few years but she hasn’t really taken full advantage of her potential yet… until now. The Love & Hip-Hop castmate from The Bronx is taking social media by storm, going viral with her latest freestyle over 2 Chainz‘s classic “I’m Different” beat. 

The rapper’s new freestyle is getting a lot of attention, sliding over a new version of the “I’m Different” beat. Dream’s visuals flash and show all sides of the rapper’s personality. She starts the clip off in a bubble bath, relaxing with cucumber slices over her eyes before getting in her Versace bathrobe and stepping into her walk-in closet, showing off tons of expensive goodies. Then, she hosts a massive party with her friends, who are clearly feeling the song, starting a dance challenge to it.

Check out the new freestyle below and let us know if you’re rocking with it.

Quotable Lyrics:

Real nasty when I f*ck him, I’m on demon time
Brand new Urus, let him eat it while my seat reclined
Couple rich n***as, it’s a few I had to leave behind
Lately I’ve been weighing all my options like a Libra sign